VanWye History and How to Contact Us

Click Here to Read the VanWye History written in 1901 by Enoch Van Wye


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9 Responses to VanWye History and How to Contact Us

  1. Reta Riley says:

    Hi, I just discovered this blog and history. I am a 3rd great granddaughter of Arthur Van Wye, through his daughter, Josephine Bonaparte Van Wye Jones. Her daughter Almira Eda (Edie) Jones McCollum is my great grandmother.

    I have some photos of some of the old people, and one unidentified that my great grandmother wrote on the back were cousins of her mother. I hope to hear from other relatives.

  2. Ken VanWye says:

    Incredible to have you join Reta! Over this week I’ll update my tree and probably ask you to help fill in some details. I can put a pdf file out for people to see.

  3. Ken VanWye says:

    Josephine can be found in paragraph 22 of the Enoch history (top).

    • RetaR says:

      Yes, I saw that when I read the post.

      I have everything on ancestry too, but it is a private tree, and I have to invite those who want to see it. Would that be easier for you to get dates, etc.?

  4. Ken VanWye says:

    Hi Reta,

    I’m playing with exporting and importing GEDCOM files, which will be probably the easiest. I’ve exported mine. I’ve also purchased genealogy software “Genealone” for here and now am trying to find how to import my GEDCOM file.


  5. Shane Van Wey says:

    Well, I wrote most of this before the email bounced back, but then I found the site here. Hope you are still visiting it often.


    I hope this is still a valid email address for you and that this finds you well.

    I have been working again on my Van Wey side of genealogy and came across your info tonight. I wondered if you might have some helpful information.

    What i can confirm from family and other sources to this date, is my gg grandfather, John C or O Van Wey, died in Missouri around 1899, was a son of John Osborn and Elizabeth Rodgers from Washington County, OH. I also believe fairly certain that John Osborn was a son of a Burris Van Wie/Wey/Why (depending on the record) and a Puah Osborn (daughter of a John Osborn in Newton, NJ). John Osborn Van Wey was said to be born in 1815 either in PA or OH. Have seen conflicting info about he and siblings birth state being one or the other.

    So, where I am stuck… making a firm connection beyond Burris. I was trying from top down approach, using earliest Van Wie names I could find in NJ area on record, and then came across you info as well about some Arthur Van Why’s, which I had been contemplating an Arthur (or one of his brothers) to be a possible father or brother to Burris. Then I thought Burris might be a nickname, but I have seen it repeated in multiple generations, so guessing it is a given name somewhere.

    Any thoughts?

    Shane Van Wey

    • Ken VanWye says:

      Hi Shane,

      I’ve been very negligent managing this site. Very sorry for the long delay in responding, but I see you joined my Facebook group. I’ll check in to your relatives. I also am from Missouri, northern Missouri.


  6. marijane t meckling says:

    I am searching for Henry Van Why (Wey) 1st wife. He was born in NJ? in 1756. In 1775 he enlisted in the 1st New Jersery and reupped in 1776 and fought for three years. I believe he had three children with his 1st wife, Elizabeth (1780-NJ),Mary (1781 NJ)
    and Arthur (1790 – PA) then Henry marrid 2nd wife, Mary Lewis in 1794.

    • Ken VanWye says:

      Hi Marijane,

      I’ll do some research. We have roots in New Jersey and a wide variety of spelling of the VanWye name.

      I recently took the DNA test and also uploaded the data to Have you done anything with DNA?


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